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After one year switching to a Samsung Galaxy A70 from an iPhone I can still was the best decision I every made.. I still can't figure why it took me so long. After talking to my older brother, he needed to get a new phone and he just bought...
I hope this info I have is correct.The Android 10 update will be available in April for my Samsung A70 and in September for my Samsung Tab S6.
Has anybody purchased and received the new Samsung A20 Ultra?If yes what do you think of it..other than being very, very, very, very expensive.What are they thinking, no wonder Samsung's dominance is shrinking, the everday person can't afford a $1,00...
After a very, very,very, long wait...Samsung Pay Canada is now available for my Samsung Galaxy A70 in Canada. 
Hopefully some can help me.I can't get the same Bixby Home Briefing cards that I have on my Samsung A70 on my Samsung Tab S6? I can get Canadian news and Sports (Canada) on my Samsung A70 phone but can't get it on my Samsung Tab S6 Tablet. On my Sams...