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Does anyone know how we can manage the "others" thats taking up the storage space? Its taking up quite a big amount even after I reformatted my S22 Ultra and re-installed my old apps its already at 15GB. Its weird that samsung didnt give the option f...
Hi to anyone who owns the s22 Ultra, do you guys experience getting disconnected all the time? There's nothing wrong with my internet but my phone always says its offline whilst Im using it. 
I'm just using this to encourage everyone here let us help in any way we can. We can do this no matter how difficult. Use our creativity and talent and the resources we have #withGalaxy to help those who are most in need. 
I feel like ranting here, because customer service is no help at all. Hey Samsung team, how does your system work, just give me quick clarification  because it doesn't make any sense to me. I pre-ordered on the 14th of February and there are still no...
Has anyone received their pre-orders for S22 Ultra placed on 14th of Feb online with included galaxy watch? A friend of  mine received his order for S22 and he placed his order 15th of February, this is so annoying how some people got their units fir...