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Can anyone help? I kept getting this my internet bar is 2 and even I use an VPN it does work
This question is about HealthWhy when I hear a sound like from my phone I start speaking like my mouth isn't even moving like what is it called? lip syncing? Can anybody help? I'm panicking about these things.I can't explain this properly. Sorry.
I was watching tiktok and then my phone stopped responding to controls/app click/swipeOnly the navigation bar (also know as back , home , overview) works and the notification bar swipe.Samsung Developers Samsung moderator? Anyone help It happens rand...
Let's customize something with the battery!Since iOS has some more battery status feature..iOS Battery UINow how about Samsung? Well I made something for Samsung! Maybe this will be nice First the ✨Device Care Menu✨! I don't know if this is nice.Mad...
Why when I play games and music player(YouTube Music) my internet starts to slow down, and yes I'm far from my route-----router the internet wifi bar becomes like 1-2my wifi always disconnected sometimes