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I noticed that Samsung post for the new Ui that they listen to feedback and voices. Is there a internet site where feedback and suggestions can be submitted to Samsung?
My phone is texting 7723 randomly as shown on my carriers phone log. I am not aware of the texting and it doesn't show in the SMS messaging screen. Has this been corrected in the security patch august 1 2019?
I have received a security patch level for my A50 and received it on Sept 10 2019.The size of the file is 435.06Mb where can I find details on the patch? I have asked Samsung for firmware values confirmation from their web E mail for software already...
I have had problems with find my device activating without my permission. Samsung wants to perform remote access to my phone. I have no intention of giving remote access to my phone but would like to know if anyone has allowed Samsung remote access t...
Why is it there is no mobile data on/ off button in the quick settings area? U.S. phones apparently have this function but not Canadian? If anything it should be the other way around. U.s has more money for data than Canadians