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My A70 has an option to update via wifi. I have noticed other Samsung devices relying on a carrier to release software. Why is there a difference? My Android security patch was received via wifi.
I purchased my a50 from the Bramalea mall from Freedom mobile in Brampton. Is this store considered valid by Samsung for selling non counterfeit phones?
The notification for oct,1 2019 which was labeled "upgraded one UI for Android pie" has been removed from Samsung members notifications. This installed on the phone as A security patch level. Why was it removed?
I have turn wifi on automatically SRT on. Wifi remains on even when no network is available. It did not do this before. It would disable wifi when no network was available. Does anyone know why this is not working anymore?
Can anyone tell me what options where provided with this patch level?The Samsung description of the patch provided I already have on my phone.