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Has Anyone Who Have The Samsung A12 Received The Android 12 Update For  Your Samsung A12 Please let me know?
I have Been Waiting For The One Ui 4 Update For A Long Time. And I Still Have Not Received And I Got To Know The Samsung A02s Has Received The Update And My A12 Hasn't.I thought it was the region Problem And Now I think that's **bleep**.I haven't rec...
Do you guys still use the One Ui Home Screen Or Some Launcher?  If you use a launcher can I know which is the best?
My Device Seems to Not Recognize My Phone Number I Have Tried Some Method To Fix The Issue But Hasn't Worked. Does Anyone Know A Solution?
Hey Guys, Does Anyone Have The Samsung A12 ? Can i Know If You Have received the Android 12 ( One Ui 4.1) Update??