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DEAR SAMSUNG, So many things upset me about your platform such as your continued vain improvementseven though there are, real, uncountable, must, areas for updates and improvements within your platform, applications and device, compatibility—but here...
Good evening, All!If you wouldn't mind helping me decide how to approach my next post about the inscribed subject, by sharing your thoughts and answers to my questions below;Whether, or not, you use Microsoft's OneDrive as your main cloud service on ...
Dear Samsung UI Developers & Samsung TeamTo hold to true to my word, here are my thoughts, appreciations & suggestions on Samsung Pass.1. Great idea embedding Pass in the Samsung Keyboard for rapid access! It is remarkably reassuring of a secure web ...
Beloved Samsung UI developers, and Samsung Team,  I do this almost every day; - wake up, go to my settings- hunt for updates- go to the Galaxy Store- search for beta versions of Sam's Apps/UIsI do this because I believe Samsung-Made = Inspiring.Invar...