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Just looking for options to cast 4k content to my TV? I know Chromecast ultra but is there any other option available? P.S I have Samsung 7series 4k TV and Note 10 plus
So here is an update to my original post. 1: I did delete 80 percent of third party apps. 2: I went to Battery management and turned on "put app to sleep" button for apps not being used 3: Restart and wipe cache so I started Game to today and after j...
Hi, lately my phone is getting too after just couple minutes of gaming. This is happening while no othrr app open in background. Its not normal because it didnt happen before and am playing same game. Can anyone help?
Hello guys I have a question, I own a Note 10 plus at the moment just wanted to ask is it worth buying S10 5g US version here in Canada? What are the pros and cons? I know Samsung is releasing new phones but price tag will be pretty high. With S10 5g...