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User Activity watching this video, Huawei has gotten you beat Samsung. Take this as a feedback from a consumer... if it ever even makes it out there lolHuawei has gotten you beat because of a few reasons:1 - The screen is just per...
Dammit Samsung. Why didn't you have this promo for when the phone came out?! 😭Guess sales aren't going so well for you huh...
At this point, I'm starting to think that I'll just never get the case 😑Was it not supposed to be back in stock on the 15th?????
Hey Samsung,When will you guys have the S pen silicone case in stock again?I ordered mine a while ago and it is still "processing" and when I go into the accessories page like I wanna order again, it says out of stock.Thanks.
Samsung never released a red phone for their top models so I had to go with a Ddrand skin. Doesn't look half bad. Maybe they should consider the red color for their next Ultra flagship.