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Hey there,As we know, the S20 series are very smooth and that is due to their capabilities of 120hz screen refreshing rate. As most devices do not have this capability, almost any device can appear just as smooth through its scrolling animation. As w...
Tomorrow it is set that most carriers including Rogers and Fido will be releasing the May patch (finally) and S9 users will be getting One UI 2.1!!!!Hopefully this isn't our last mini 'software' update ๐Ÿคž
Hey,I have an S9 running Android 10 and my Bluetooth remains off. Sometimes, since I have a lot of Bluetooth devices such as headsets, they automatically connect to my S9 and start playing audio. Any way to stop this?Thanks,
Hey,Just wondering that in the future, will we be able to Google Duo other users that don't have a Google account? For example, will I be able to video call an iOS user without them having a Google Duo account? Let me know what you guys think.Thanks,
Is anyone else on S9 Series experiencing intense Camera app lag? The performance of the Camera app has really been choppy on S9 Series after the Android 10 update. After I close the Camera app, surprisingly, my S9 with 4gb of ram falls short to about...