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No stress app like the previous model, and no ECG as advertised which is illegal.For $300-400 this watch better atleast do as ADVERTISED Samsung.They also removed other features from the Samsung Health App such as UVL detection and blood oxygen level...
The Galaxy Watch Active 2 still doesnt have ECG tracking anywhere as it advertised it would have, months after release might I add, and it still hasnt added the stress management app that it used to have. Some people have it some people dont (apprent...
Which is the better phone you ask? Which should I buy? Well look no further for this comparison seeks to answer all your questions on this very fundamental question, arguably the most important question of the year for Samsung buyers. S10 or Note 10?...
Surprisingly mono audio sounds pretty good on the S10.#Settings#Accessibilities
If you want to give your screen a tint check this out.