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Really like this integration and use both apps but what would be nice is for two options within calendar.1. To add an event which is already there. 2. An option to add a reminder in calendarThis would be an awesome option. I could pick a date ( today...
Hi all,Question - Google has a Gmail email address, Microsoft has Outlook and Hotmail email addresses and Apple has their own.Has Samsung ever considered developing their own, like curious, thanks
This always worked well for me but lately, it still allows me to tap to scan but the image does not display for me to crop etc. Is this a wider problem or is it something I need to do to correct it.
Hope this question makes senseWhen my videos are in internal or SD storage, I see them in the video player app. When they are in my Gallery, I do not see them in the video player app.When I move them to Internal storage, they are duplicated in my Gal...
Is there an ability to save email attachments directly to One Drive and if not could this enhancement be considered?