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I just noticed that the Samsung email is not automatically installed on my S20 FE. On my a70, I was unable to uninstall the app. Is this new, what app is Samsung suggesting I use, Outlook or Gmail?Is the Samsung email app being discontinued?
One of my favourite features is being able to take a Samsung Note and add it to a Reminder. One suggestion, I would like to offer is that when you do this, somehow the Note is modified to show that you have created a Reminder for it. Perhaps colors c...
Seeking help with the following. When I purchased my phone I was with Roger's and their app along with Amazon and NHL were installed on my phone. I have since switched to Bell and would have thought the Rogers aps would have been removed or at the ve...
Not sure if it just me but my a70 has shut down and restarted twice without notice following the September update which I installed yesterday.Are others experiencing the same thing happening?
Not sure if this is possible but it would be nice if it were possible to copy a contact and use that copied contact to create a new contact. I.e. someone from the same company.