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Many countries and regions all over the world are set to receive One UI 4.1 and Canadians are still waiting for December patch..lmao!Seriously, It was my stupidest decision to buy a Samsung flagship.
When is Samsung going to start caring about their Canadian customers. We, Canadians are leaving behind almost for everything when it comes to products and features, and many times this issues have been raised still no efforts are being put or made by...
Samsung Camera app crashes constantly on my Galaxy S20FE. This issue I have been facing for a while now, the camera app crashes for like 8/9 out of 10 times. Not sure what the reason would be. This issue I have been facing even before this Android We...
Seriously tired of Samsung issues. I use three android phones-all from Samsung and they all have somehow started having same issues. All the apps suddenly started crashing constantly. I tried every possible solutions, uninstalling and reinstalling a ...
It's so stupid and ignorant from Samsung that S20 FE users are still waiting for One UI 3.0 or Android 11 in Canada. This is February and we haven't received any update after December 1, 2020. My phone is still on December 1 security patch, no update...