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My wife bought an iPhone 11 Pro a couple of nights ago. This afternoon I asked her to call me from her phone. We were sat next to each other at the time.She calls and my phone starts to ring. After a few rings, I say 'OK, you can hang up now'. She's ... members here suffering from this issue? I asked around 10 people I work with to try and unlock my phone and the secur... haven't really delved into what Android 10 brings to the table. But it should be coming soon, fingers crossed.'ve not invested in a Smart Watch yet... but I was hoping to pick up the next Galaxy Watch. That might change if the new watch doesn't include the ph...
I didn't have my DSLR on hand when I learned about the Climate Strike marching past my office. I took the opportunity to use the various lenses on my new Note 10+ and was very happy with the results 🙂