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Single take, pro video mode, AR Zone, custom camera filters, deep sleeping app and more! Check out this video on YouTube to discover all the new features included in this update! https://youtu.be/cB4-1P0oMRY
First of all, CHEERS! 🎉 We got the update before Christmas! Back to the main topic, I also found out that Google Play system update is included in this new update. Samsung didn't remove it, which is great! To access it, go to Settings > Biometrics a...
I dragged the battery temp (can't retrieve the CPU temp) down to 20°C and benchmarked it for science. I'm just doing it for fun. 😌 Share it if you have a better score. Again, I'm using the Galaxy S10 (128GB/8GB, Exynos). More details: https://browse...
The official One UI 2.0 (Android 10) software update for the S10 lineup is being rolled out in Germany. Earlier than expected but Germany has always been the first country to get it. https://www.sammobile.com/news/list-official-galaxy-s10-android-10-...
1. The beta program is now closed in South Korea. 2. 4th beta update brought no new features but loads of big fixes. The official release is just around the corner. I can see that coming to the S10 lineup before Christmas.