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https://youtu.be/0PWAQpa1uQgWhat do you think? You think this list need some change?
I've scrolled through many complaints by Samsung Members in the community. And it seems like there are some people who encountered problems after updating to new software. Leave a comment down below what kind of problems you have after the updates, c...
Huawei manage to really offer a robust camera setup in their new P40 lineup. I'd say Samsung can't avoid this competition, the trade ban on Huawei helped stall some time for Samsung to keep the number 1 spot in smartphone sale. But if Samsung don't d...
So here's another round for all of you guys to state your opinion on Samsung phones. Particularly what you like about it to make you stay/use (eg SPen/OneUI), and what will most likely be or already is the reason for you to switch to non-Samsung (eg ...
Samsung Galaxy M31 is on the list!!https://youtu.be/1dxU9TKoU4o