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Originally, in January 2019, I want to buy the S9 plus to replace my J6 I bought just a year before. I thought it was really a beautiful phone. The curve screen is absolutely gorgeous. Full screen, no notch, no cut out, no pop up camera, just brillia...
Ok ke kalau guna S9 plus (used) in 2020?Bagi opinion sikit guys/gals... ada yg guna S9 plus ke? Rasa mcm nak cari satu... dah jumpa tapi nak opinion you all dulu... help me please...
I just want to ask 2 questions;1. I just update my J6 to android 10 one UI 2.0, but the screen recorder is not available on the phone, is it the same with other J6 users here?2. On my S10 plus (exynos), after the One UI 2.1, I think the battery drain...
M.C.O. 3rd phase (hopefully will be the last)Day 1Hot tea, oat bread & butterJapanese old school table fansToy car lost controlZeppelin II with "Whole Lotta Love"Goodluck to all of us!