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Wasn't android 11 supposed to replace Samsung daily with Samsung free?
Hi,Can anyone tell me what is a safe way to replace the battery? How does Samsung recommend replacing the battery for my S10 +? What is the price and how can I still insured is waterproof? I've looked at the forms and I cannot find a reference for Ca...
Hi everyone, How can I edit the top contacts on my share dialog screen, or, how can I remove email from being in the top contacts... I never share to a contract via email, so I have no idea why Android is recommended that contact. See image below.
Given the recent announcement by Apple, will Samsung be introducing enhanced privacy features? Im thinking about my next phone and Android doesn't do better in this area, I might be buying my first iPhone.
I have Samsung daily but there is only one option for cards and that is Spotify. I noticed that other members have other cards or they mention other cards. I'm wondering how do I get other cards other than Spotify. Is this a regional restriction?