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Based on the recent notification received in the Apps, it is not stated that A72 will be receiving one ui 4.0. So is that mean we will not be receving any? huhuhuh
Huhuhu, I bumped into walls today and my Watch 4 hit the wall as well.   There is a minor scratch On the ring of the watch. Any one of you have any idea on how to remove the scratch, please. Can I use any scratch remover that I can get from any depar...
Hi, can i know where can i get original s pen replacement nibs for tab s 7 plus apart from Samsung Official Store. Thank you.
Hi. Excited to share here that I recently bought Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm! After 3 days wearing it, I'm really happy to say that I'm satisfied with all the features but the battery life. Hopefully in the next update they can fix it.  In the meanti...
Hi, Anyone here knows where and how I can get authorized seller or dealer to purchase Samsung Laptop / Samsung Galaxy Book? I thought that one is not entering Malaysia, right?