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Anyone else having an issue where if they click an app icon to open it a completely different app will sometimes open?I clicked on the Samsung Internet icon and Samsung Smart Things opened.One time I clicked on the Play Store icon and my Authy app op...
The animation while opening the recent apps menu (when the current app shrinks down) gets really slow as if the frame rate of the animation is dropping significantly.Does anyone have this issue? It only happens sometimes.
Anyone else have this issue when using a VPN on LTE? The VPN says it's connected but I get no internet.
There are a ton of Samsung apps that don't respect the system dark mode settings such as Galaxy Store, Samsung Pay, Samsung Blockchain Wallet, Good Lock, Shop Samsung, SmartThings, and more including this beta app. Please add dark mode for these apps...
The left half of my screen turns grayish sometimes in certain applications (Gmail, Telegram, Play Store, Youtube, and others). Might be an issue with dark mode as it seems to not be happening in light mode but I'm not 100% sure. Can't take a screen s...