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What keyboard u guys are using right now? I've been using a few different keyboards now and in the past and I've got my top5* right here:1. Gboard2. Blackberry virtual keyboard3. Samsung keyboard (both default and neural beta)4. Swiftkey5. Microsoft'...
It works! I was so excited bout this coming on Android 10 update. Tried with both original and some cheap @$$ data cable I bought at Ninjaz. No problem at all. Just need to install Smart Switch or USB driver. Then bamm!! Connected! No need 'Type C to...
Been getting VoLTE enabled along with the recent updates for Note 9. Idk the relation to this. I'm on Unifi Mobile and no announcements whatsoever that I heard about Note 9 getting VoLTE support. Wonder what just happened. But still, this is just 💯!...
Manually checked and there's the update. But I'm still not sure whether I should proceed with the update or not. It seems like some people here mentioned about experiencing problems here and there.Oh my... Otoke 🤣
Hi. Do anyone ever noticed that the power button on Note 9 gotten less clicky over time? Or is it just me? The phone is barely half a year and still under warranty! Talking about premium quality. LOL