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See everyone next beta ! 
I'm sure it's just cuz we are in beta, but my Google pay just gave a message saying not compatible. I'm on the S-10 and this just popped up with the beta 7 version. Not worried. Just giving everyone a heads up.
So if anyone puts the phone on silent and had the alarm sound to alarm... This USED to work and give us sound. Now my phone is silent and my watch still vibrates Becausr of it's own setting, we would all like to spend Silence our phones and still hea...
How about a volume slide option for under the brightness slide in the quick menu drop. Obviously these both should have the option to turn them on or off for users. But the slide would come in handy in the gym. It would be much like the volume slide ...
It would be nice to see the predictive answering in stock text (I might have seen a flash of it) also I know we have the blocked messages folder and I really like being able to star done messages, but maybe also an archive folder to drop them in?