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I have created a copy of this app for all those interested. If interested, I'll post the link below.EDIT: Link 
With the newest beta update my Gear S3 Frontier has stopped receiving notifications form my Galaxy S10+ for some unknown reason. 
After updating to the second beta update, Gear VR does not recognize the phone being inserted into the headset at all. Restart, clearing of the cache for all Oculus apps yielded no results as did uninstalling. After uninstalling and reinsertion, the ...
I would personally like the icons in the status bar to be moved back beside of the cameras (hole punch) when the status bar is swiped down. I am on the Galaxy S10. 
Whenn I receive a notification on my Gear S3 watch form the new update, the notification image is not set to the profile of the user who sent me a message. This worked before my update to the beta and was curious if this was a problem on Facebook end...