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You know when you go to themes and there are many badge types to choose from? Well, thry are not supported for any other apps except samsung's own. i havent tried the paid ones but i think it's the same thing. I'm asking all you samsung people to be ...
Samsung should do prizes for like the amount of excercises you do. Who else agrees?
I hope z fold 3 comes with a bigger outer display, looking more like a phone and less of a folded tablet. who else?
Hey samsung, could you create a new and improved version of the buds live. i love the differences from the other three wireless buds but the reviews seem kind of disappointing. I want earbuds with that same shape but a tighter seal so other people ca...
I don't see the big difference between 60Hz and 120Hz. i know there is but i cannot see why 120Hz is WAY BETTER than 60Hz. We bought a s20fe for my mom and I've dying to see it. i was trying out her new phone and i was dissapointed to see little chan...