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I thought this was another ordinary, 'wa-cha'-kung-fu fighting-all the same movie. I was wrong. Tomato ketchup all over. Wa chaaaaa!Drinks: Plain water and Paparich Coffee 3 in 1Snacks: Mandarin orange and Doritos chips. 
What better thing to do on Sunday morning than sitting on the couch, sipping a cup of hot coffee and watching youtube videos. This S21 Ultra is a jaw-dropping beast, yet **bleep** at the same time. Well not that kind of **bleep** **bleep**, you know ...
To all avid readers out there, I would like to suggest two books that you won't regret reading. 
The number is growing. Stay-at-home - watch movies, read books, surf the net, listen yo music, eat and eat again and again and again and play with our Samsung phones. Stay safe and healthy guys. 
Popcorn and soda...and let the kitchen open. Today is a movie day.