⌚️ Unboxing time πŸ₯°

Any questions regarding the Galaxy Watch 5 want to ask? Drop your questions on the comment box below πŸ˜„

Will share my experience very soon . 
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Very nice. Like the color.

Err, question... Not much.

1) Why purple? These days many guys prefer purple. Lol

2) What about the battery life vs your usage? Is still new to ask this question because the watch are quite new (Maybe you can share with us after few weeks or months of usage)

3) Is it worth the price? (as you know everyone are talking about ECG thingy)

4) Are you going to buy a protector for the screen? Lol.

Actually i am more interested to know about battery usage only. 

Enjoy your new watch and hope you like it.

Thank you for sharing!!

I think you'll get more references soon when each makers share their experience! It should vary with different usage pattern. But best I've gotten so far is around 30 hours with location and Bluetooth always on.
Hi , Winnie ! Sorry for the late reply.. Q1 ) Hahaha..bora purple looks great and fashion πŸ’œ ..however I have tan skin tone... I will choose other colour if I can choose ..haha..but it may looks nice if on your hand .. 😍

Q2) so far so good ..still testing it ..Will let u know on coming review post .. πŸ˜„

Q3) For me , it worth with the price ...of course everyone want to have cheaper price.. but its function really helps me a lot I will go for it ..ECG and blood pressure will come one day ...if really can't wait ... got its way to have it ..

Q4) No , I won't apply s22ulta oso didn't have screen protector..different feel if applying screen protector..but take your own risk .. 🀣

Btw , do you own a Galaxy Watch ? If yes , will u go to buy Watch 5? 🀩 If no , what are on your thoughts about the Galaxy Watch ?
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Thank you for you replied. It is ok to late reply, no need to feel sorry. 

I like purple too but I don't think my hand will fit that color because I am quite white (unless there is a darker purple). Lol. Mostly everything I use need to be dark. Phone is OK because I always used a dark color casing.

For a Galaxy Watch, nope. I never use a smart watch before either. My concern is the battery life only. I rather go for a solar if it is a smart watch. For a watch, I prefer a traditional style. Lol. Simple and easy. To be honest, phone can change like 2-3 years but not a watch (for me). So, I rather buy an expensive watch which can stay for more than 5 years or more.

No offense, just my thought only.

Wearables worries ! Solar Galaxy Watch ! Macam Yes Worxxx ...Maybe Samsung is developing it 🀩 haha ..Samsung got use this concept on their TV remote control..