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buds pro causing ear infection

(Topic created on: 07-25-2022 01:43 PM)
Beginner Level 2
anyone facing the same issue? wore it for a day resulting in ear itchy and subsequently stopped using. when i feedback. they insist i must hav medical report. 

did a google search and it seems to be issues faced overseas too. But this samsung is insisting we are to get a medical report. yet they dont want to reimbus any medical fees.
Beginner Level 2

I have the same issue, i have stop using them and I am trying to return it. I recomend you use buds live that are not as good but are better for the ears. Or try other brands that to me are ok.



Beginner Level 3

i have same issue of liquid pouring from my ears after using my galaxy buds pro even for few minutes.

i have tried some tricks but the issue is not because of hygiene , its the nickel type they used and my ears have allergy to that.


what should i do now? the sound quality is very good and i dont want to lose it :(


Beginner Level 4

I encounter the same issue when using buds pro, ear itchy and wet.

Took long breaks to let it heal and clean up the buds. Tried over and over again because i like the sound but i finally accepted that the problem is not because of hygiene or ear suddenly become allergic to the earbuds silicon.

Been using galaxy buds for many years until this buds pro gave me this itching and wet ear problem.

Beginner Level 2
I'm having the same problem. Started with one side and later the other esr. So itchy and liquid keep coming out from the ear. Can samsung do an exchange for another item??