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ECG Feature - Your watch doesn't support this app - Galaxy Watch Classic 4

(Topic created on: 05-08-2024 06:07 PM)
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I am trying to use the ECG feature that used to work earlier but it doesn't work now.

When I press "Record" ECG on my Classic Galaxy Watch 4, it says a new version is available and asks to update. After clicking on "Update", a pop-up on my Samsung S24 phone says - Your watch doesn't support this app"

Does anyone know what has changed?

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Hi, please restart the app on both devices. On your watch and phone, close the Samsung Health monitor app. Then, open the app again on both devices.

Restart your phone and watch and check for the issue.

  • To restart your phone, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick settings panel, and then tap the Power icon. Tap Restart, and then tap Restart again to confirm.
  • To restart your watch, hold down the Back key and Power key simultaneously for 10 seconds. When the Power menu appears, continue to hold down the keys until the watch displays "Rebooting..." on the screen. Then, the watch will restart.

After restarting your watch, Samsung Health Monitor will be available.

If the issue still persists, please send an Error Report, it is important that you do not close the Samsung Members app while log files are being generated.

 Launch the Galaxy Wearable app > Tap on menu > Select Contact us > Tap on Error Reports > Select the device you would like to raise the error report for > Tap on Frequency > Choose between Once, Often or Sometimes > Tap on the text box and explain the issue you are facing with your Galaxy device. If you would like to add any screen recordings or screenshots to your error report tap on Helenna_1-1715265454423.pngOnce you are ready to send your error report select Helenna_2-1715265454424.png
Please ensure Send system log data is ticked.
Thank you.