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Galaxy Buds 2 Pro battery drain

(Topic created on: 09-22-2023 04:08 AM)
Beginner Level 4
Hi everyone! Just wanted to check and see if anyone has experienced battery drain sa galaxy buds 2 pro kahit na hindi ginagamit. I have buds live and buds 2 pro. I always charge it at 100% and then use my buds live. Alternate ko sila ginagamit. After 3 days from charging the buds2 pro at 100%, the battery percentage is reduced to 95%-97%. I dont experience this sa buds live, kapag nicharge ko sya at 100% kahit ilang days ko sya hindi gamitin 100% pa din sya. Thanks in advance sa mga magshare po ng tips or insights.
Mine lose a bit more after some time. I just charge it. I've some backups due to freebies
I haven't observed if my Buds2 Pro is doing this, but thanks for posting I'll definitely watch mine.
I could have sworn these things lose more. So I didn't use them after a whole week and lost 1% on the case. You may have gotten a unit with not so good battery.Screenshot_20230926_004545_One UI Home.jpg