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Galaxy Buds + I lost my right earbud and need a replacement

(Topic created on: 04-29-2021 03:54 PM)
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I guess I could be heard on this forum and get a proper response. First off, I need to say the Samsung Galaxy Buds + are of great quality. Unfortunately, I lost my right earbud at a mall. I then contacted Samsung Support and the first agent advised me to contact the Samsung Experience center in Montreal. I called then and they declined the option to buy a single earbud because they had just opened this center last August, which obviously does not make any sense. I then called back Samsung support and the agent raised a ticket this time, sent me the FedEx label to ship it to FutureTel in Ontario. To my surprise, they also refused and sent the cradle and left earbud. They repair only, hence they do not sell any part. This is a neverending story. I called then multiple times to Support and I now receive the feedback that I only have the option of buying a new set! It is sad the service Samsung delivers to clients. Truly disappointed. I would like to have someone provide me with a prompt solution. 
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Its so sad listening this, they should provide a single bud for a user to purchase.

Also, samsung members app should have an option to escalate these types of cases directly to samsung to solve it as soon as possible instead of routing to all other channels.
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Even getting repairs is not easy, I can imagine asking something out of the repair script can be frustrating.. I've been trying for the past few months to get repairs accepted and their system keep bugging so now I have no way to send them without authorization, very frustrating.