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Galaxy India Explorathon contest gives you a chance to win Galaxy Watch 3

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Samsung has announced the Galaxy India Explorathon contest in India. It is the company’s first-ever step challenge in the country and it has been announced at a time when Samsung is completing 25 years in India. Winners of the contest can win various prizes, including the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Fit, and the Galaxy Buds.

The contest kicks off today and will span over 28 days. You need to follow the digital map of India and complete a minimum of 175,000 steps covering the milestone cities of Srinagar, Lucknow, Delhi, Jaisalmer, and Kochi. The top five winners of the maximum step count challenge will win the Galaxy Watch 3 LTE (45mm), Galaxy Watch 3 LTE (41mm), Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE, Galaxy Buds Pro, and the Galaxy Buds Live, respectively. To enter the contest, you need to be a registered Samsung Members user and join the step challenge on the Samsung Health app.


There is also the Galaxy Wearables Quiz contest, and its winner can win the Galaxy Fit 2. To stand a chance to win the Galaxy Fit 2, you would need to participate in the quiz contest hosted on the Samsung Members app. The company claims that it is showing off its commitment to motivate people to stay healthier.


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This is for India. Not Malaysia.