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Galaxy Watch 3 series gets massive discount as the end of Tizen draws near

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The Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to be unveiled in a matter of months, and unlike the ongoing Galaxy Watch 3, the upcoming wearable will run a new version of Google’s Wear OS instead of Tizen OS. As confirmed by Samsung and Google last month, the Tizen platform for wearables will continue to be supported for about 2-to-3 years, but either way, the Galaxy Watch 3 will go down in history as the last Tizen-powered Galaxy smartwatch.

And in case you want to be a part of this history — whether it’s because you like the Galaxy Watch 3 and Tizen OS or because you dislike Wear OS — you now have an opportunity to buy the 41mm / 45mm Bluetooth / LTE Galaxy Watch 3 for $150 off. In addition, Amazon is now selling the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium at a significant $200 discount.

In short, this means that the 41mm Bluetooth Galaxy Watch 3 now costs $249 instead of $399, while the 45mm model costs $279 as opposed to $429. Meanwhile, the 41mm and 45mm LTE models cost $299 and $329, respectively.

As for the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium — which is available only with Bluetooth connectivity and a 45mm watch face — Amazon is now offering it for $399, down from $599.

If you don’t like the idea of Wear OS Samsung smartwatches and you’d rather wear Tizen on your wrist then this might be the best opportunity to buy the Galaxy Watch 3 at a discount before its sequel steals the spotlight. Feel free to refer to the links below for more details.

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