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Galaxy watch 4 classic

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I am the proud owner GW4C and I love it, but the 
technology isn't without issues in some respects.
I would like to share with you two of those situations,
My body composition was scetchy for most of the time since purchase and then one day it stopped working completely, after taking it in for inspection I was told the metal band I had put on it was making the health function, malfunction , So I then replaced the band with a non- metallic one and everything works fine.

The second thing was that 3rd party watch face apps such as those offering 1000s of watch faces, I found these faces drain a huge amount of power weather they set as primary face or not, so if you can obtain faces individually instead of an app, they might be better, let me know.

These are observations that I have experienced so far in my Galaxy journey 
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Hi @J-bird, thanks for your detailed feedback and suggestions! I'll be sure to pass your interest on internally to the relevant department. Please note, we cannot always implement customer suggestions due to various reasons and will not be able to provide an update on whether we are going to be implementing your suggestion or not. We hope you understand.