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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro battery life

(Topic created on: 10-31-2022 10:38 AM)
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Calling out to all Galaxy watch 5 pro owners.

Can you just post here your settings and your battery life?

I feel like I have a unit with a faulty battery.

I have only stress measurement turned on to measure continuously and some notifications are on. Wifi is off. AOD is off. Location is on but accuracy off. Wrist wake is on. I wear it to sleep so it does track my sleep. Blood oxygen and snore during sleep is off. I have some alarms for the morning. I never use maps on my watch and I don't track work outs on it either.

With all those settings, I can only squeeze in close to 2 days battery life. Looking everywhere online, most people can get up to 4 days with those settings. I use my apple watch ultra for most of the health tracking (yes, I wear 2 watches 🤣).

Considering going to a Samsung service center to get my watch checked but I wanted to know the battery life of other real users first and not biased reviews on YouTube. 

Thank you!

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Well i just got W5P and basically got everything on including sleep tracking and dexcom g6 running, no always on, don't do gps or any exercise tracking atm and my watch got 68% left on my second day of use.

Very happy with the Battery life!

 Not so happy with Blood Oxygen and Sleep measuring though.