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Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Turns Off when I plug it In Charge..

(Topic created on: 02-05-2024 08:49 PM)
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Hello Guysz, I dont Know whats wrong with My watch 6 classuc purchased 5 months ago from Vodafone.
It Switches off when i Plug it to charge..
I sent it for repair 3 times Even to Voc team by attaching the Clear Problem in the Video..
I visited Samsung Store Parramatta and Tried with their charge aswell and Manager saw the problem but Everytime when rapair is completed they say they couldnt find the Problem, watch is working like manifactured and they say that they reninstalled software and Did firmware Reflash... and sent back watch to me..
It happens 2-3 days after i receive my Watch from Repair..i am tired of Visiting store and giving it to repair they even dont replace it..