Expert Level 5

The monumental changes that took place in business over the last year continue to be a topic of discussion among business leaders and experts. Of course many of the initiatives that are now commonplace—from remote care and telehealth to performance and wellness monitoring—have been touted for their promise to reduce inefficiencies across multiple industries for awhile.

And Samsung’s customers and partners continue to drive this reimagining forward. Across the nation, they are powering new solutions—from the federal government to the retail space. Smartwatches and wearables continue to be an area of interest since they are compact and handsfree, yet offer powerful, sensor-driven intelligence.

Samsung recently partnered with LIVMOR, a digital health and remote patient monitoring company, to provide a fully integrated patient care platform for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in the North Texas region. The solution combines Samsung’s portfolio of secure mobile devices including tablets, wearables, and hand-held mobile devices with LIVMOR’s Halo+ turnkey remote monitoring system to help the VA ensure a better patient and staff experience with its virtual care.