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My favourite product from Samsung!

(Topic created on: 09-12-2022 11:33 PM)
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This is my favourite product from Samsung! It is the galaxy buds. The galaxy buds are not only affordable, but are also comfortable and useful! I really love these earphones as they usually last me around 6 hours before I need to charge them in the case again. They are my favourite things to use while listening to music and they are also useful when I need to pick up calls. The galaxy buds connect to any device that they were paired with easily. You just need to open the case, and they will be connected. To disconnect them, you simply close the case. This has allowed me to take calls quickly even when walking or in public as they allow me to connect to my phone quickly and they make it easier to listen to calls while in a noisy environment.

Favourite features: 
-ear tips of varying sizes and wing tips
 - allows them to fit into ears of different sizes
 - keeps galaxy buds in while walking or running
 - keeps a reasonable amount of sound out
 - pause or play song, skip songs or play the previous song
 - answer, decline or end calls
-ambient sound mode
 - allows me to be aware of surroundings
 - voice focus allows me to hear others around me talking

With all these features, I feel that the galaxy buds are definitely a must-have for many people. They provide good sound quality and many features for an affordable price. Also, feel free to comment your favourite product from Samsung below!
The front view of the case

These are the buds in the case!

Top view of the case

Look at how easy it is to connect these galaxy buds to a laptop!