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Poor quality strap for their highest end watch

(Topic created on: 02-23-2022 11:09 AM)
Beginner Level 2

Hello there, I am not sure if all of you experience this but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classis strap is made of really bad quality rubber. I am utterly disappointed that after paying $350, I am getting such a crappy strap.  Even a $5 strap gives me better quality so I really expected more. Only after about a week, I started seeing white flakes on the strap. While trying to brush it away with my fingers, it created even more flakes. I thought I was unlucky and got a defective one. However, I tried rubbing some Galaxy watches on display at the various shops and white flakes came off all of them. All my previous galaxy watches never had this problem and I must say that the quality of the rubber was rather good. May I know why Samsung decide to create such poor quality straps for the latest model? How can you even let such bad quality watch go on sale at such a high price? I feel like I'm paying for a $10 watch that comes with a flaky strap!!!

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Expert Level 3
Preferred Watch Active 2's strap quality.