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Possible to force Galaxy Buds Pro to off/go into standby w/o needing a case?

(Topic created on: 09-22-2023 09:45 AM)
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Some days, I'd like to go for a run, or run an errand hands free - without carrying anything except my phone, while listening to music on commute before returning home. Is there a way the Buds Pro can turn off or go into standby without needing to carry around a earpiece case?

It becomes an inconvenience I don't normally think about (until I started using wireless buds) when I unknowingly leave the buds on a table after a long day and forget to put it back into the case - you know, normal people doing normal things, reacting under normal circumstances. Something you don't need a lot of research or data analytics for.

At the end of the day, you're left with a pair of earbuds that can't charge in an instant, or live with the rest of your day/errand without music.

Strangely enough, I have an older $20 TWS from a Chinese brand lying around somewhere and it comes with a dedicated power button. I find myself reaching out to it from time to time. It felt more convenient, and improves quality of life. Even though it's damaged on the exterior, I can still rely and depend on it when I need it. So I expected more from a more premium priced product, especially one with the word "Pro" in it.

One might say - just carry the case around. It may seem like a small thing but the earpiece case isn't exactly flat or without bulk even if slotted into a pocket. Some people just prefer less clutter in their daily living - especially for something as simple as getting groceries or getting some stuffs.

For the average working adult with an already packed schedule of tasks and deadlines, having 1-2 less things to think about/needing to remember would make a world of difference.
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So true. I found the cheap Chinese brand much more user friendly.