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The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was unveiled in August of last year. The smartwatch features not only regular activity and health monitoring features such as heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, but also ECG (electrocardiogram). However, the feature was not available at launch due to issues with regulatory agencies. Now, Samsung has activated the feature in South Korea.

For now, South Korea is the only country where Galaxy Watch Active 2 users can use the ECG feature. The company was supposed to make ECG and fall detection available in the first quarter of this year, but the plan was delayed. In May 2020, Samsung received clearance from MFDS. Users need to download and install the Samsung Health Monitor app on the watch and the paired smartphone to use ECG.

The ECG functionality can let users about AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) & Sinus rhythm when the heart rate is unusual. When there’s nothing wrong with a user’s heart condition, it offers Sinus rhythm. When the heart rate is more than usual, the watch will provide AFib results. The ECG measurement might take more than 30 seconds. When the result is incorrect, the watch can show Judgement Failure or Signal Failure alerts.

Samsung says that ECG readings from the Galaxy Watch Active 2 shouldn’t be considered for any treatment. Users should approach a certified health professional if they find anything unusual. It is dangerous for users to take any medication based on just the ECG readings found from the smartwatch. The company might soon activate the ECG feature on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3 in the US.


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