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Samsung’s own app confirms the Galaxy Buds Live and its features

(Topic created on: 07-25-2020 06:45 AM)
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As if a detailed leak wasn’t enough, Samsung’s own app has now confirmed details about the company’s upcoming wireless earbuds. The Galaxy Buds companion app for iOS and the Galaxy Buds Live Plugin for Android has gone live with screenshots that confirm core details about the Galaxy Buds Live.


Aside from the completely new design, the Galaxy Buds Live brings a feature that many have long been waiting for. Active Noise Cancellation finally comes to Samsung’s wireless earbuds, as confirmed by the company’s own app.


Galaxy Buds Live is looking like a very robust product

Since the design is so fundamentally different compared to the Galaxy Buds+, the app also has a short guide that teaches the user how to properly wear the earbuds. The case has a touch sensor that can perform a variety of tasks in response to your taps like volume control, audio playback control and more.


Battery life varies from up to 7.5 hours with bells and whistles like ANC and Bixby turned off, down to 5.5 hours with them turned on, and as low as 4.5 hours for voice calls. The included case provides up to 20 hours of total battery life with ANC, and 20 hours without. Three minutes of charge time in the case should provide up to 35 minutes of battery life, and the case itself can top up wirelessly or over USB Type-C.


By default, touching and holding down on either earbud will enable active noise cancellation. Additionally supported gestures include touch and hold for pairing, single, double and triple tap.

Going by what we know so far, the Galaxy Buds Live will also offer an improved audio experience and the larger battery will allow for more listening time. A price tag has not yet been confirmed but expect them to carry a slight premium over the Galaxy Buds+ that cost $149.99.


Samsung is likely going to unveil the Galaxy Buds Live on August 5 alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.




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