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Hi all, 
Is the watch 5 pro cellular worth buying? 
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It is worth it if you're planning to use your watch away from your phone a lot. Example, going on jogs and hikes without your phone or doing activities that doesn't allow your phone to be within the area.

If you always have your phone near you or connected to a local WiFi network, then it's not worth it in my opinion.
I'd agree with @VueeyLe unless you really need the data connection for calls and txt, then it's likely not worth it, as you also have to factor in the service costs the telcos charge for number share and data.
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how reliable is the nas watch ...if i had seen this video before i don't think i would have bought it ...until i saw this video i thought it was all right ...however in this test with professional trackers ... the watch is not even half of the scale in sensor accuracy....and we paid enough. brands like apple and hiawei are far more reliable in the test... Then the question arises. why do we wear this watch... just to showed us the correct time ... and nothing more than that is reliable .... so don't trust what the watch shows you grs is totally n accurate even now after several system updates. the exercises are sometimes detected and sometimes not...and how hard you try to do the exercises correctly...squats...the lateral lifting of the twgs will not detect properly nor the number of repetitions....this is a grade 3. for trying to make a watch. ...if I sell soon ...probably my choice will be hiawei ...their precision is at a high level and the battery lasts up to 21 days on the pro models you haven't done anything Samsung 

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