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[Sharing] Real life & ideal - Galaxy Watch

(Topic created on: 07-01-2019 12:43 PM)
Hi all, just want to share this real life story for all watch owners. I know some users may already setup security on their watch. But something happened, then realised that I can only rely on LUCK.

Okay, yesterday, we went to a lake with lots of people playing around the beach. My wife took off her watch and put sunscreen on. But she forgot to wear the watch again and it dropped somewhere. We left and moved to other some places that is not crowdy.

Then, my wife realised that she lost her watch. We went back to the beach and asked around if anyone have seen the watch or has been picked up by someone  But couldn't found it. I've even turned on BT to scan. No luck.

After we head back to our place, my wife insisted that she wanted to go back and checked 1 more time. This time, I still using her phone turned on BT and this time walk around the tent on the beach. The watch connected 😎😎😎. Then I start the find my watch immediately. Ring and vibrate make noise. Many people help us to search for the sound. And...🤨 2 teenages took the watch out from their towels and said they found it on the grass. Well, obviously they were lying. But I let them go cause the watch already recovered.

At that time, my wife said thanks God those teenages didn't shutdown the watch.

Ok, here is couple things that I got misleaded and never test the watch security. BT is the only solution to save your watch, if no BT, your watch is gone forever.

- Find my watch
*** This only works if the phone and watch connected through BT or WiFi. In public area, if BT disconnected, 100% will lost your watch.

- Remote Lock
*** For the beginning, I thought "Cool, I can lock my watch remotely if I lost my watch." NO, this remote lock also need your watch connected through BT or WiFi. Is someone stole it and you left the BT range, still never find your watch.

- Reset
*** Same scenario, have to have BT or WiFi connection. If not, cannot wipe your watch.

The only security that I feel safe now is screen lock. I tried that if my watch is not wear, the screen lock will activate. But if I am wearing, the sceen lock will not lock, which is good. I thought I need to unlock everytime I turn on the screen. But it isn't.

Maybe a little suggestion here, if the screen lock could also stop the power shutdown, then the chance of recover the watch is greater. At least other people cannot shutdown the watch and we still able to try connect the phone with luck 🙄
Also, maybe after 5 times or 10 times enter wrong code, locked the watch forever until the watch reconnected to BT, WiFi, samsung account or phone again. Or maybe some better security that can protect the watch when no connections (BT, WiFi, Mobile Data...etc)

Seriously, this time I recovered my wife's watch is by luck. 😅😅😅

Thanks for reading