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Strike a pose, and snap pictures with the Galaxy Watch6

(Topic created on: 09-10-2023 11:46 PM)

Are you the barkada's designated photographer, or just want to stop asking strangers to take your photo next to landmarks? We feel you! 🙏

The Galaxy Watch6, paired with the Galaxy Z Flip5, now gives you the control to switch modes, zoom and take pictures directly from your wrist.

Set up your Galaxy Z Flip5 in the angle you want, activate the Dual Preview mode so you can see yourself on the large Flex Window, and snap away from your Watch!

Here's how you do it: 

  1. Activate phone Camera from Galaxy Watch6

  2. Tap the Dual Preview icon on the Galaxy Z Flip5

  3. Position yourself, and adjust the camera zoom from your Watch.

  4. Tap the shutter from your Galaxy Watch6

Here's a video, c/o our friend Chow! 

Learn more tips on how you can connect your Galaxy Z Flip5 & Fold5, Watch6 and Tab S9 to make life easier! 

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..oh my anxiety..i think that flip just moved because of the slippery surface it was put on & it's at the edge 😱..or i can be wrong..i'm watching without audio 😅✌️..