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Using my Galaxy Watch 3 for fitness

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My Galaxy Watch 3 fitness tracker

So I have been using my Galaxy watch 3 to track my fitness, I workout 5 days a week, I use it to track my weight machine workouts, cardio workouts on the treadmill, my steps, my water intake, my sleep, BP and ECG. The nice part is all those can been seen in the Samsung Health app.


Since the last pandemic lockdown when gyms were closed I had decided to invest in setting up a home gym, picked up some adjustable dumbbells (5 to 90lbs), workout bench that inclines, Bodylastics workout bands and a Bodylastics curl bar, I already had a treadmill, elliptical and exercise bike. With my Galaxy Watch 3 I am able to track my weight machine workouts ( adjustable dumbbells and workout bands), my runs on the treadmill and on the elliptical (not a fan of using the elliptical), I love how my watch tracks my workout duration, the distance (treadmill), how many calories, how many steps, my avg. heart rate and my Heart Rate Zones during my workouts.


It also helps me keep track of one of my biggest issues, and that’s drinking enough water during the day, I’m supposed to drink 86 fl oz of water a day, my water bottle is 20oz so I need to drink 4 bottles and a little more a day and my watch helps me stay on track. However, the water intake feature could use some improvements like letting us set the size of the bottle we are using, as of right now it calculates 1 glass as 8.4 fl oz, I know there’s 3rd party apps I can use that will allow me to choose or add my own water bottle size and that would sync with S Health.


Tracking my sleep with my watch has been great as it breaks down my sleep into 4 categories (Awake, REM, Light and Deep sleep) which helps see if there’s a pattern to my sleeping, like am I waking up around the same time every night, my light sleep vs deep sleep.


BP and ECG, although not officially supported in Canada yet (maybe one day), I have found a workaround to get them installed and working on my Galaxy Watch 3 (I’ll post a link below to one of my previous post that shows how). BP and ECG is a cool feature, but I’m not a fan of having to calibrate the watch every 30 days for the BP, I don’t own one so that means a trip to Shopper’s Drug Mart to use an actual one to do the calibration (I’ve been thinking about maybe just picking one up and Amazon).


All in all, I find that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a perfect fitness tracker me my needs, also check out the Galaxy Store weekly for free watch faces.


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I use the active 2 watch which can do all of those workouts you have mentioned. Samsung is even better when it is used with the older galaxy phones for you can also measure the oxygen saturation level.