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Watch bands

(Topic created on: 03-10-2023 09:28 AM)
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I totally understand why 40mm is the smallest at the moment but why can't a smaller width band be designed?
I look like I'm on parole and wearing an ankle monitor on my wrist. Pretty colours don't cut it.
I'm 165cm in height, 56kgs in weight. In other words, I'm petite.
The Watch5 looks like it's an anchor on me.
I tried a Samsung watch about 2 years and felt the same way about them as I do now..
Funnily enough it started playing up after 3 months so I just took a refund.
I had hoped things would have improved in the years past.
Technology may have, but there is still no consideration for petite people. 
Would love a slim line watch band to suit a 40mm please 🙏 
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I agree on the whole with you ..I'm around the same size as you ..petite ..I wear a 40mm GW4 lte ..it does feel way to large ..let's say you can not see my wrist for the watch face covers my entire wrist side to side.. it does look massive ..lucky I wore massive BabyG Shock watches prior to owning GW4 so the transition for me wasn't to bad ..They do need to produce a smaller band width for petite humans ..both genders .. and also a wire rubber bumper that clips over your watch face to protect its surface from knocks and scratches ..like GShock make for theirs .. @samsungmarketing @samsung