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Watch5 Pro: linking "flight mode" with "sleep mode"

(Topic created on: 01-04-2023 11:16 AM)
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I sleep with my watch and often end up sleeping with my body on top of the watch or the hand with the watch directly under my head. 

I don't want to have radiation from the watch going through my head as I sleep. Whilst the wifi and BLE in the watch are relatively low energy if you have the watch under your head throughout the night, the cumulative effect of this is not well understood and not something I want to have. On top of that, my watch has 4G. 

So, I end up having to remember to manually switch on the watch's Flight mode every time I'm about to fall asleep (just after I switch on the Sleep mode). This is annoying, and I would rather have the option to switch off both sleep mode and flight mode with one command, is it possible?

P.S. I do understand that disconnecting the watch from the phone will prevent me from recording my sleep snoring - this is also annoying, but I am willing to give up my snore detection for not getting the radiation from my watch in my head.