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-CLOSED-[CONTEST] WIN A Galaxy Watch5! Up Close#withGalaxy

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We’re back! This month is an extra special contest as we give our users a chance to win one (1) x Samsung Galaxy Watch5 (40mm) (Graphite) (SM-R900NZAAXSA) All you need to do is show us the beauty of nature close up! Share a close up image of anything you can find in the nature, whether it be the blooming flowers or the critters on the ground and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to WIN!

Remember, it can be of anything at all. Be creative and have fun!

Entries will be open from 9:00am November 14th to 11:59pm December 11th for a chance to win one (1) x Samsung Galaxy Watch5 (40mm) (Graphite) (SM-R900NZAAXSA). Winner will be contacted by 5pm on December 12th. 

Enter Now

Click here if you are using the web

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The Photograph should not display any inappropriate, dangerous, unlawful, fraudulent, misleading or illegal content. Samsung reserves the right to remove any image that it deems inappropriate in the circumstances. *Terms and Conditions Apply


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I couldn't go past this purrfectly pink paw..! 💟 #withgalaxyAirBrush_20200323073605_6784_1586477458.jpg
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What a great comp!
Can't wait to see the entries!
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Beautiful azaleas at homeScreenshot_20221019-123413_Facebook.jpg
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Good luck everyone! Another one that needs to be creative to win!
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Cool Macro shots skills now
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Awesome 👌
The Watch5 series are fantastic 👏
Good luck everyone.
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Lovely contest! So excited to post all photos!!
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I clicked this photo on my camping trip. 20220206_105424_38222_1644225384.jpg
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beautiful colour on it!