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What is Bixby Voice and how to activate it on a Samsung mobile device?

(Topic created on: 04-30-2021 02:41 PM)
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What is Bixby Voice?

Bixby voice is an intelligent voice assistant that helps you use the device more conveniently. You can control the device easily by voice command, drastically reducing the required steps.

To use Bixby Voice:

• Your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network

• You must sign in to your Samsung account

• Bixby Voice is only available in some languages, and certain features may not be available depending on your region


How to set up Bixby Voice?

1. Press and hold Bixby key to launch Bixby Voice

2. Tap Next

3. Select the language to communicate with Bixby Voice and tap CONFIRM

4. Enter the Samsung account information. Tap SIGN IN and follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Samsung account. If you are already signed in, this step will not appear

5. Read and agree to the terms and conditions and tap NEXT. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Bixby Voice setup


Speak to Bixby when the conversation window appears. Bixby Voice recognizes your voice commands more accurately if you speak according to standard language conventions. Speak clearly so that Bixby can understand you correctly.

Bixby may not recognize your speech correctly if:

• You speak with a strong accent or regional dialect

• Use newly coined or slang terms

• Several people speak at once

• You speak in a noisy environment

• You speak too softly or too far away from the microphone


How to activate Bixby Voice?

1. Press and hold Bixby key. Bixby Voice will launch and start listening

2. While in Bixby Voice mode, press Bixby Voice button to start/continue the conversation

3. When you set voice wake-up, you can say "Hi Bixby" at any time to start a conversation