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Samsung front loader washing machine. Ww11k84120w

Posted in: Others

I have an issue with the washing machine not wanting to start washing. Motor and pcb has been replaced and it didn’t fix it. It try’s to go back and forward but doesn’t do anything but try. It’s the Samsung ww11k84120w model. Oh I even put in a new d...

Samsung Gift Redemption a SCAM!

Posted in: Tablets

Who else is still waiting for their Samsung Gift Redemption?...I've been waiting for more than 2 weeks already and then suddenly got a phone call and told me that their delivery guy "just left the item in front of my unit door unattended"....without ...

Posted by: Irisleo
Beginner Level 1

Samsung member server response error

Posted in: Others

So it's been 5 months already and my Samsung members still doesn't not open nor respond so whenever I'm open the app there was this error so I've try clear the cache uninstall the app, use the power and volume down and still nothing happened before ...

Posted by: AAR438
Beginner Level 1