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Hi im new to this. My lockscreen wallpaper became dim, the wallpaper details, brightness and vividity is decrease. I tried to change brightness, blue light filter, reset settings and some more but didnt work out. How do i fix this?


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Hi. Anyone know how to change the background colour or transparency of the background for our apps menu? I'm a new user of samsung ui, kinda confusing for me ๐Ÿ˜…

samsung A5 2017

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The question is for Samsung how can J5 2017 a budget phone will end up having android pie update while the A5/A7 2017 which are A series phones released in the same year won't get the Pie update?Please update Galaxy A5/A7 2017 to Android Pie it was r...

Galaxy A80

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Hi! Anyone else experiencing the same things with me? My phone doesnt seems to work really well with 4G coverage. Really slow. I tried to put the sim into another phone and the sim works perfectly on 4G coverage. But when I put it on my A80, it doesn...